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Looking for ways to download soundcloud songs in mp3 and add it to your song library? Here’s what you have to do. First of all let’s get to know about the Soundcloud. There are few websites already like Spotify, Apple Music etc. These sites distribute songs of those well established artists. But SoundCloud could host […]

Create playlist on SoundCloud in Seconds The following tutorial deals with how to create your own playlist in SoundCloud. It is very simple and easy to do. Creating and using your own SoundCloud playlist will help you to arrange your songs by category and manage them better. You can Create playlist on SoundCloud in 3 simple steps. […]

Uploading Songs to SoundCloud : Soundcloud is one of the most used online music streaming website nowadays more than Spotify, since Spotify doesn’t even available in many countries yet. SoundCloud is very user friendly and many people love to use them. Even the celebrities are using the SoundCloud platform to release their audio. Also we […]